47 Best Fat Cat Memes You’ll Love

Cats are absolutely adorable, whether big or small, fat or thin. However, we all have to agree that fat cats hold a special place in the hearts of many. These round chonkers make us laugh and cry, as their size makes their usual kitty antics even better. 

So, what better than to present you with an entire post about these fluffy creatures? Fat cats deserve some love, too, and we’re here to ensure they get all of it. Get ready to laugh so hard you might lose a pound or two — here are 47 of the best fat cat memes out there.

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47 Fat Cat Memes That Will Make You Howl

Whether it’s a chubby kitty who’s doing something hilarious or a chunky boy who makes us relate a little too much, here are some of the best fat cat memes we could find.

1. The Marshmallow Thief

ate-all-the-marshmallows fat cat memes

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2. It’s Just Baby Fat


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3. It’s Okay, Kitty, the Chicken Looks Very Real


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4. It’s Time to Get a Stronger Cat Tree


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5. When You Spend $2000 Just to Find Out Your Cat Is Fat


Photo by ClaRkken7 on r/wellthatsucks

Tip: If you can’t seem to figure out if your kitty is pregnant or just fat, the best bet is to take them to the vet. However, since vets do cost money, here are a few tips that will make it easier to tell if it’s a food baby or a real baby. 

Some of them include vomiting, changes in appetite, sleeping patterns, and even personality.

6. We’ve All Been Subtly Roasted by Restaurants When We Order Takeout


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7. Wanting Someone to Look at You Like This Cat Looks at Cheesecake


Photo by VioletVallaire on r/catmemes

8. Troy Is Just Using His Strengths


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9. Let’s Not Judge Lest We Be Judged


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10. This Scene Looks Very Familiar


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11. Everyone Who Owns a Cat Eats With an Audience


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12. We Love Fat Kitties in Sinks


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13. Imagine Opening Your Fridge Only to Find Your Cat


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14. It’s Okay Kitty, You’re Beautiful


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15. This Is Our Favorite Exercise Too


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16. The Most Important Chart


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17. When Cats Fly – Oh Wait


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18. This Is the Best Way to Use a Treadmill


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19. Remember When We Used to Get Presents?


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20. Food Is an International Language


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21. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Catson


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22. Not All Cats Are Built Equal


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23. We’ll Do It Next Summer


Photo by PrettyCleanKitty on Memedroid

24. Don’t Eat the Baby


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25. There’s a Little Spot That Needs to Be Filled Still


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26. Technically, They Did Make It Through the Cat Door


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27. Cat or Delicious Meaty Meal?


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28. Moms Will Always Encourage Us, Even If That Means Lying


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29. This Is All Water Weight


Photo by NayyirahOnesti on r/catmemes

30. Not Them Fat Shaming Pan


Photo by baquea on r/mildlyinteresting

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31. We’ve All Been There


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32. This Cat Definitely Ate All the Mice and Left No Crumbs


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33. He Just Needs a Little Help


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34. That Moment When You Get Stuck After Rolling Over


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35. Round Is Definitely a Shape


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36. Nobody Wants to Eat Rabbit Food When the Rabbit’s Around


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37. This Cat Might Be on Something Else, Too


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38. It’s Good to Relax After a Long Week


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39. Yes, Fat Kittens Exist Too


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40. When Things Suddenly Don’t Fit Like They Used To?


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Fun Fact: If you’ve ever wondered why cats seem to love boxes so much, then you’re not alone. 

Kitties are ambush predators, and boxes are confined spaces where they feel safe and like they can hide from us. It’s an instinctive behavior that causes them to be all weird when they see a box.

41. Fat Cats Make Fluffy Doormats


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42. Every Cat, Even When There’s Food in Their Bowls


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43. Go Ahead and Have That Third Donut


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44. Exercising Is Hard, Okay


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45. The Cat Looks Quite Shocked


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46. Again, We’ve All Been There


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47. It’s Obviously Food


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Fact: Fat cats are absolutely adorable, but kitty obesity can cause a whole range of problems for your feline friend. Ensure they get enough exercise and water and eat a healthy diet to keep them as healthy as possible. We all want our kitties around for a long time.

Final Thoughts on Chonky Cat Memes

Whether you laughed because they were funny or cried a little because you related too much to these chonky cats, we hope these fat cat memes put a bright smile on your face.

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