Dog’s Best Day: King, The Two-Legged Doberman

When King lost not one, but TWO legs to cancer, his family quickly adapted to life with a happy, active bipod. Despite everything he’s been through, King still enjoys most of the perks of being a dog alongside his canine siblings and human friends & family—with surprisingly unrivaled joy (and 54k+ TikTok followers).

That said, this sweet boy deserves so, so much more. That’s why we decided to connect with his amazing humans to learn more about King and give him his Best Day Ever!

Take a look at what his mom Allison had to say about him:

What are his favorite activities/things to do? Running (still his #1 despite the amputations), playing fetch, eating (lol), going for rides in the car (even ones with no destination), he actually loves his swim therapy now too! Dobies are known for avoiding water, but ever since we’ve gotten him into swimming (at the suggestion of his PT) he now LOVES the water. Basically anything with his family, especially outside!

Any favorite places to go? The park, the beach, to Grandma & Grandpa’s house, and to bed.

Favorite type of toy? He loves stuffed toys and balls the most, especially balls that have some kind of squish. He does “jaw exercises” daily lol. He also loves sucking on blankets, something I find SUPER adorable.

What is King’s favorite toy on the planet? The Woofswaggin Bus!

If ANYTHING was possible for one day, what would make King’s dreams come true? It took me a while to answer this one. There is an obvious answer: his legs magically grew back so he could jump and do all the crazy things he’s unable to do as easily now. But honestly, if I’ve learned one thing about him through all this is that he is SO happy despite it all. So I think looking forward rather than backward, if anything could make his dreams come true it would be more time simply spent with us! He’s truly a velcro dog and gets the most happiness from being around us doing basically anything.

If King had ‘a yes day’ (saying yes to everything he wanted) what would he want to do/ask for? I think King would ask for a day of running, fetching, and digging outdoors with his human family and dog friends. And all the treats and meats he could ever dream of, then maybe to the store for some new toys. Followed by doggy reflexology and massage at home of course. And a comfy fresh blanket… all his favorite things combined!

Taking all of this to heart, we noodled on exactly how we could bring King’s dreams to life in the most enjoyable (and comfortable) way possible. The result involved a pool filled with toys, a big ol’ cake, a boat ride with the fam, and a whole bunch more…

To see more of King, follow him on TikTok!

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