Squirrel Makes A Nest To Live Next To The Guy Who Rescued Him

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Once in a while, life presents us with a chance encounter that blooms into an inspiring story. Such was the case with Chris and a tiny, hairless baby squirrel he named Acorn. In a heartwarming video featured on The Dodo, we see the journey of Acorn, from a helpless baby to a wild squirrel, choosing to live close to the man who saved him.

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Chris stumbled upon the baby squirrel, separated from his mother, and decided to step in. As he says, “I got to do what I got to do.” With rehabilitation centers closed due to COVID-19, Chris took Acorn home. 

Feeding him with a tiny syringe, he faced initial resistance – Acorn’s weird noises of discontent and his closed eyes painting a picture of vulnerability.

As days passed, Acorn grew comfortable with Chris, his feeding routine, and his new human family. He clung to Chris, craving the warmth and security he offered. Acorn’s transformation was remarkable. Once his eyes opened, his personality shone through – playful, loving, and full of life!

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Chris, aware that Acorn belonged in the wild, gradually introduced him to the outdoors, preparing him for a life he was meant to lead. The transition was uneasy at first, but soon, Acorn embraced his natural habitat, showing reluctance to return indoors. This gradual shift to independence was a crucial step in Acorn’s journey.

A viewer commented, “What a warm & fuzzy video 🥰 So nice of you to condition him for the wild & not keep for a pet. The right thing to do 😊.” This sentiment reflects Chris’s dedication to Acorn’s proper upbringing.

Finally, the day came to let Acorn venture into the wild on his own. Chris and his kids, who had grown attached to the little squirrel, watched as Acorn found his freedom. But life had a sweet surprise in store – Acorn built his nest in a tree close to Chris’s house. A neighbor now, Acorn remained close, a beautiful full-circle moment.

Another viewer expressed their admiration, “What an honour to have Acorn build his home on your property! Thanks for helping this little fella, you did a great job Chris and kids.” This touching development was a testament to the bond formed between Acorn and his human family.


Acorn’s story is not just a tale of rescue; it’s a lesson in letting go, in understanding our role as stewards rather than owners of the natural world. It teaches us about the beauty of life’s unexpected relationships and the joy of seeing someone you’ve nurtured thrive on their own!

In Acorn’s journey, we find a profound life lesson – the importance of doing the right thing, even when it means letting go. 

Chris’s story with Acorn reminds us that sometimes, the greatest act of love is to provide wings for others to fly, even if it means flying away from us. Acorn’s tale is a celebration of life, a narrative of rescue, growth, and the gentle art of release.

Source: Youtube @ The Dodo

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